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Over twenty five years worldwide  in Engineering & Business Development in  repair and overhaul industry of commercial & military jet engines, marine and industrial gas turbine engines.

Extensive turbine component experience, all types of hardware from fan blades to tail pipes. 


Engines (typical):  

CF6- 6, -50,  -80A, -80C2,  CFM56-3, -5, -7,  

CT7,  T56,  CF34,

JT8-, JT9-, PW4000, V2500, PT6, PW100

 RB211-, -Trent, -Tay,  AE2000/3000 


LM 2500/5000/6000,  Frames


Processes Experience


Brazing (e.g., Activated Diffusion Healing - ADH);   Welding;   of Conventional and Directionally Solidified materials.

Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant Coatings    (Pack, Chemical Vapor Deposition).

Thermal Barrier Coatings  (Plasma Spray, Physical Vapor Deposition).

Thermo-Chemical Cleaning (e.g., Fluoride Ion - DFIC , Hydrogen), Heat-Treatments.

 Chemical Stripping & Cleaning of coatings and materials.



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